Helping make your child's hospital stay less stressful. Unconditional love. Providing comfort.
Helping make your child's hospital stay less stressful.
Using the book, I'll Be O.K. and the cuddly "Josh" plush puppy, The Josh and Friends Project is helping transform anxious hospital stays for children into friendship-filled adventures to wellness.
Unconditional love.
Around the world, cuddly canines known as "therapy dogs" visit hospitals helping to replace a patient's anxiety and fear with wet kisses and unconditional love.
Providing comfort.
Your child will never be scared or alone with a caring companion to help cope with illness.
Josh & Friends

How you can help

Your organization can have an immediate positive impact on a child’s well being. Every hour, every day, a child enters the hospital. They are scared. They are worried and they are thrust into an often cold environment far from the comforts of home. That’s why nothing compares to seeing the wide, grateful eyes of a child receiving their very own Josh puppy and I’ll be O.K. book when they enter the hospital. The first-hand experience is unforgettable.

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I’ll Be OK books and I’ll Be Okay Gift Sets are available online. While a surgery or hospital stay can be a frightening experience for an adult, it can be terrifying to a child. When visiting a doctor or going into the hospital, children need to know one thing: That he or she will be O.K.I’ll Be O.K. clearly sends that message to a child’s heart…

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The Josh Challenge

Your veterinary school SCAVMA chapter can help children in your community. The Josh Challenge was created as a fun and exciting way for participating SCAVMA chapters in the North American veterinary colleges to promote friendly competition between their respective schools.

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